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Open Call Student Art Exhibition

  • Worth Ryder Art Gallery Kroeber Hall Berkeley, CA, 94720 United States (map)

2019 Open Call Student Art Exhibition

Timeless | (Text)ure | Displacement | Cycles

Wednesday, September 18th - Thursday, October 10th, 2019
Opening Reception: 4 – 7pm, Wednesday, September 18th, 2019

Worth Ryder Art Gallery - 116 Kroeber Hall, UC Berkeley Campus
Gallery Hours: Monday - Thursday, 12 - 5pm, During Exhibitions
Free and Open to the Public

Alexandra Hanyue von Minden, Burnt Dinner, 2019, Photograph, 11'' x 17''.


Featuring: Abby Cohn, Alexandra Hanyue von Minden, Emily Gui, Julia Kerley, MC, Kimberly Pack, Zara Saif, Sabrina Shireen Sellers, Chanea Smith, Upstream

Curated by Vanessa Yunyi Yang

Time seems to be omnipresent in all art. However in Ways of Seeing (1972) art critic John Berger argues that photographs are not only about the moment caught, but all the moments not being caught. In this exhibition, we address these missing moments, the artworks that exist outside of time, the lost, forgotten, or deliberately suppressed. What could this mean for creatures like us who are defined by time?

Ann Liu, Artist Jeans, 2019. Denim jeans, patches, acrylic paint, glitter, glue.


Featuring: Patrica Besada, Shuli Fang, Alex Gonzalez , Emily Gui, Aubrielle Hvolboll, Biz IQbal, Jojx Kwan, Ann Liu, Sam Reguerra, Jessica Seville, Leilah Talukder

Curated by Milan Moldenhawer

Each of us has a complex and layered identity. The textures which show up on our surface speak to our unique and individual personal narrative, cultural background, and relationship to history. The materials an artist uses reflect these ongoing internal dialogues. With a focus on unconventional media and tactile, sensory artwork, (Text)ure is an exploration of how materiality allows us to reflect our interior experiences onto an external entity.

Apsara Ram, Shedding Stone, 2019. Charcoal and chalk pastel on white paper, 36” x 42”.


Featuring: Lauren Anastasia, Jade Cohen, Scout Handford, Biz IQbal, Elianna Ku, Emily Mistica, Armaan Mumtaz, Michael Pan Yan-ke Ornido, Apsara Ram, Mari Wong, Michael Wu

Curated by Michael Pan Yan-ke Ornido

Do you feel DISPLACED? Whether you’re an international student who doesn’t feel at home in American culture, an Art & Humanities major who feels overwhelmed by your peers in STEM, or just feel you don’t have a place in the current political and social climate, you aren’t alone! In this exhibition, art is used as a powerful tool of expression to make a place for your unique identity, relieve feelings of displacement, and manifest the beauty of your unique individual experience.

Pin Wei Kaywee Kuo, GET OUT OF THE AMERICA!!!, 2019. Photograph, 11" x 16".


Featuring: Bijan Bucket, Chris Chan, Benjamin Fedosky, Haarika Kathi, Pin Wei Kaywee Kuo, Milly Newton, Manahil Palla, Jacob Li Rosenberg

Curated by Aisha Gracie Moniz de Aragao Faria

Is time linear or cyclical? In what ways do the cycles present in our lives depend on time? From the personal to the global scale, human experience is both mediated through cycles and shaped by recurring patterns. History itself can be thought of as a linked collection of movements and moments which rise and fall, only to repeat at some point in the future. Similarly, all art could be understood with some relationship to recurrence. Whether with video loops, repetitive performance, or objects which embrace or reject the present/past, art is used to confront our realities, and the cycles which have brought them into being.

Earlier Event: September 17
Performance: Leyla Modirzadeh