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Art 178 Game Design studio reviewing work

Art 178 Game Design studio reviewing work

This course catalog shows all available courses taught in the department. For a course schedule showing the courses we teach in a specific semester, please visit classes.berkeley.edu. Art Practice lower division courses are open to all students. Upper division courses are primarily open to art practice majors and, with the instructor’s approval, to all other students.

Curriculum All studio courses are either labeled as Foundations, Practices, or Projects courses. Foundation courses are lower division introductory courses where students learn to use a particular art medium. Practices courses are upper division courses where students focus on a particular set of art topics. Projects courses are the most advanced undergraduate courses, where students focus on individually developed projects with the full support of faculty and peers. Seminar courses are graduate courses for M.F.A. candidates.

Schedule Our classes typically run on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Individual sessions are 3 hours long, typically from 9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm and 4pm-7pm. A third day (Friday or Saturday) is course meeting is listed as unsupervised studio time, and is not mandatory. It is open studio time for students to work on their projects individually. Additional fees in the range of $60.00 per course for supplies and studio access are typically required. Follow the links below to listings of all the courses we offer.