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Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Art Practice offers seminars in creativity for professional groups, corporate teams and research delegations. The seminars can run from a basic one-hour session to two-day workshops. For pricing and availability, please contact Department Manager Erik Nelson.

Past clients in such seminars include CCTV Beijing, Hallmark, LinkedIn and many others.

Contemporary Art Seminar

What is the benefit of contemporary art? At the highest level, contemporary art is the freshest expression of cultural change, and therefore of the future. The issues that are relevant now in contemporary art are indicators of what broader communities will be concerned with in the near future. This one-hour seminar guides participants through social changes including gender, identity, environment, automation and privacy and the art forms that expressed those changes long before they reach the mainstream. The seminar engages participants in vibrant discussions about what it means to be human, now and in the future.

Creativity Seminar

Creativity, the driving force of human evolution, can be taught. In this three-hour seminar, participants engage with faculty in rapid prototyping exercises after they learn about top strategies for thinking across boundaries, creative turns, and effective communication about innovation.

New Media Workshop

This one-day workshop examines trends in new media communications. Participants learn about new media development and and adoption patterns, as well as the intended and unintended consequences of innovation. In small teams, participants engage in rapid prototyping sessions to develop new media ideas around imaginary or actual new media innovation mandates. In a closing session, participants playtest and evaluate each other’s prototypes and deepen their understanding of prototyping workflows.