UC Berkeley Art Practice
Department of Art Practice at UC Berkeley


Why resurrect it all now? From the Past. History, the old wound. The past emotions all over again. To confess to relive the same folly. To name it now so as not to repeat history in oblivion.
— Theresa Cha, MFA 1978

Welcome. UC Berkeley’s Department of Art Practice is at the beginning of new art. We are committed to educating students with a focus on global sociopolitical and cultural change. We see creative research as the source for new tools, methods and aesthetics. We prepare students for careers in visual arts and cultures. With a focus on rigorous practical, conceptual, and critical studies within a research university, students develop a cross-media understanding of art's practices in a global context.

Courses ranging from Figure Drawing to VR and from Visual Thinking to Studio Critique, lead to a Bachelor of Arts or a Master of Fine Arts degree. Critical and conceptual studies leverage studio practices to illuminate the dynamics of arts and visual cultures and their profound impacts on communities, identities and futures. Radiant alumni, a dedicated staff and an internationally acclaimed faculty of exhibiting artists provide a lifelong network of career support for graduates.

Art Practice connects to all other departments at UC Berkeley through research collaborations, co-teaching, and institutions like the Berkeley Center for New Media and the Program for Disability Studies. Let’s renew the world through art, together.