Miriam Dym, Lecturer Spring 2014

md-closedeyesRaised and educated on the East Coast, Dym arrived in California in 1996 and went native around 12 years later. Since her migration west, Dym has worked in a variety of media — digital drawing and printing, installation, design, painting, performance — aiming to generate transformation, whether of subject, materials, ideas or herself. Dym has shown at museums and galleries in the US and abroad, including the Brooklyn Museum of Art, SFMOMA, and the Weatherspoon Museum. Residencies include The Watermill (Long Island, New York), Cite des Arts (Paris), Kala Art Institute and Stanford University Digital Art Center.

Working in the key of design under the name DYMproducts, Dym has developed and produced varied “product lines” which can be contextualized on a continuum between the utilitarian and art object. Most recently, Dym has begun to reframe her art practice as (one or more) functional businesses in order to examine and, ideally, re-order the ways and means our society consumes and discards material goods. In the workshop / factory, the goal is for process to trump product as materials and objects are indefinitely re-structured and re-consumed.

Spring 2014 office hours: Wednesday, 3pm – 4pm, K226