James Sterling Pitt, Lecturer, Fall 2017

01091463James Sterling Pitt’s art functions as a chronological, visual archiving of memories. These memories are represented at times as playfully recognizable objects– and at times abstracted forms that come from perceptual shifts or dreams. Conceptualized to exist as an object based journal, his current body of works are three dimensional recreations of moments past. Pitt’s subconscious explorations aim to bridge notions of reminiscence with the present and future by way of tangible markers of a time and place. When installed together, the work not only becomes a map of personal identity, but invites pause and careful examination of one’s own intimate recollections.

Pitt holds degrees from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque and Mills College. He has been exhibited at Gallery Paule Anglim, Eli Ridgway Gallery, The Berkeley Art Museum, SF Parklife, Headlands Center for the Arts, Sight School, The Lab, The University Galleries, Texas State University (San Marcos, TX), Steven Zevitas Gallery (Boston), Richard Levy Gallery (New Mexico), Gallerie Axel Obiger (Berlin). He has been the recipient of the KALA Fellowship, Vera Noland Award, Trefethen Merit Award, and the Djerassi Foundation Artist Residency. He Lives and works in Oakland, CA. For other examples of James’s work, please go here.