Aida Gamez, Spring 2018

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Aida Gamez is a practicing artist and educator who lives in Berkeley. Her work has appeared in galleries throughout Northern California as well as in Southeastern United States, Mexico and Europe. Gamez received her BFA from California College of Art and her MFA from UC Berkeley. Her work constantly pursues discovery along two disparate planes. One plane is technical and involves a fascination and appreciation of line and its ability to evoke varied emotions through manipulation. The other plane is introspection, involving her identification as a Mexican American. Her research revolves around two basic academic questions: Can artwork be made that conveys emotion without a conceptual foundation? Can meaning be created through line shape and color?

Edith Garcia, Spring 2018

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Edith Garcia’s work draws you into an alluring world of installation and sculpture. She focuses on the unique individual experiences throughout our lifetimes, the minimal occurrences that transpire each day and grafts them into site-specific installations and objects. Her body of work has been exhibited throughout Europe, North America and Mexico in spaces such as Gimpel Fils, London, Transmission Gallery, San Francisco and Tampa Museum of Art, Florida.

Garcia is strongly engaged in the critical research of drawing and sculpture with curatorial projects, publishing and creating works that reflect this passion. Garcia received her BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, MFA from the California College of the Arts (and Crafts) and MPhil at the Royal College of Art in London. She published Ceramics and the Human Figure released worldwide by A&C Black Visual Arts (Bloomsbury) and is a contributing author to numerous online and print journals.

Recently, Garcia was awarded the Viola Frey Distinguished Visiting Professorship at the California College of the Arts and is currently a Professor at the California College of the Arts and University of California, Berkeley. For more information visit:

Maggie Lawson, GSI, Spring 2018

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Although Maggie’s art works take a variety of forms, they all promote reflection and a space for participants and collaborators to inform and sometimes co-create the content of the piece. Joseph Beuys called this a social sculpture or, “A work of art, a social sculpture includes human activity that strives to structure and shape society or the environment.” Her works exist mostly outside of formalized art spaces to engage audiences who might otherwise not seek out contemporary art. Many of the projects have both a utilitarian function, that makes them easily accessible to a wide range of people, and a poetic narrative attached to the experience.

As the lead artist, she can accentuate and broadcast the expressive nature of their forms and the complications of their production. The forms play with easily identifiable cultural icons: takeout windows, block parties, the office secretary, and the neighborhood church, and are determined by the resources found in a particular community. As she develop relationships and recruit collaborators within various groups the forms emerge. Ultimately, the facilitated collective efforts of her audience, her documentation of these reflections and efforts, and her subject’s new awareness promotes personal and community growth.

Whitney Lynn, Spring 2018

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Whitney Lynn is a multimedia artist who explores the role of images in the construction of myth, illusion and desire. Employing expanded forms of sculpture, drawing, photography, performance and video, her work is often site-specific and focuses attention on ways in which history impacts the present. Lynn is currently completing a site-specific installation for the San Diego International Airport, was recently an Artist-in-Residence at the de Young Museum, San Francisco (2017), and the first National Artist-in-Residence at The Neon Museum, Las Vegas (2016). Additional recent projects include After The Fall, a solo exhibition reconsidering historical representations of women at Bass & Reiner, San Francisco (2017); Brats (Formation), a series of sculptural interventions on decommissioned military sites (2014-17); and Searching for Diogenes, an installation and 3-part performance surveying the legacy of Diogenes the Cynic at Yerba Buena Center For the Arts, San Francisco (2014). Lynn previously led the interdisciplinary Honors in the Arts program at Stanford University and has taught in the New Genres program at the San Francisco Art Institute since 2010.

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Shari Paladino’s is an artist and educator, raised Chicago and LA, and currently residing in the Bay Area. Her research interests and Art Practice consider the History of Art & Design, Science and Technology Studies, New Media and Performance Studies. Shari is an activist and advocate in the Neurodiversity and SMI community. She studied Art, Education and Disability at the University of California Berkeley, graduating with a BA in Interdisciplinary Field Studies, and then an MFA from UC Berkeley, in Art Practice. She was awarded Eisner Prize for Creative Achievement in the Arts in 2016. She was the Artist in Residence at the Jacobs Institute of Design and Technology 2016-2017, and has exhibited at the Richmond Center for The Arts, SFMOMA, and Berkeley Art Museum/BAM PFA.