The Zero Waste Cart project by Berkeley Art Practice Alum Alexandra Nicole Solis-Sison, October 6th – 8th.

The Zero Waste Cart is a mobile pop-up that functions as a free community clothing circulation and sewing station. Give. Take. Repair. The Zero Waste Trading and Mending Cart is a mobile pop-up that offers sustainable alternatives for environmentally friendly and low-income shoppers. The cart’s mission is to provide solutions to textile waste, post-consumer care, accessibility to sustainable fashion. (More…)

The 2016 Market Street Prototyping Festival.

Exhibition at Slide Space 123, featuring Art Practice Grad Student Nicki Green: “Intro (Writing’s on the Wall)”

“We are not simply one demographic or another. The different descriptors framing us may in part describe us, but the pictures they draw are incomplete. For some they become qualifiers making one a subset of the whole, addendums that keeps one from being referred to as what we desire to be…” (more)

Slide Space is an exciting new exhibition space at Mills College.

Opening : Wednesday, September 14, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Exhibition curated by our co-director Jackie Im

Amazing Review of Art Practice Faculty Stephanie Syjuco’s, “Neutral Calibration Studies (Ornament + Crime)”

Stephanie Syjuco’s exhibition Neutral Calibration Studies (Ornament + Crime) at Catharine Clark Gallery is physically dominated by an installation of the same name. The crowded platform is host to chipboard cut-outs of reference-rich images: a pixelated, life-size version of Freud’s couch and chair, groupings of fruits and vegetables, plants, African masks and sculptures, paper Persian rugs, and a woman reclining on a Le Corbusier chair. The concepts packed into this purposefully cluttered installation are not immediately obvious, but stand out more clearly when considered in light of the other works on view. (More…)

Art Practice has awarded José Figueroa (MFA’16) a Sam Francis Fellowship to participate in the 2016-2017 Grad Fellowship Program at the Headlands Center for the Arts.

From the artist:

“My work systematically chronicles different layers of my identity, with the goal of deconstructing basic epistemological categories that separate the aesthetic from the everyday, the sacred from the profane. I look at the repetitive gestures embedded in folklore, religion, and ideology through various means of expression from painting, ceramics, photography, video, and performance to interviews, collaborations, texts, relics, and ready-mades. I position myself as a shaman who seeks to unveil the masks of history. My goal is to create transformative healing experiences for my viewers, surroundings, and former selves.”

For more information on Jose Figueroa and the Headlands Center for the Arts:

“Kira Kira, Moya Moya, Hara Hara,” by August Artist-in-Residence Masako Miki, Fall 2016 Art Practice Instructor.

August 3, 2016September 4, 2016
August 3–September 4, 2016
Wednesdays–Sundays, 1–5 pm, Fridays until 8:45 pm
de Young | Kimball Education Gallery/Artist Studio

Masako Miki’s large-scale drawings incorporate techniques of hatching, cross-hatching, and stippling to create three-dimensional illusions on two-dimensional surfaces. Inspired by Shinto and Buddhist traditions, she attempts through her work to dissolve the boundaries between the realms of the physical and immaterial. (More here)


The Art Practice department is thrilled to announce a new full-time faculty hire, Asma Kazmi.

The Art Practice department is thrilled to announce a new full-time faculty hire, Asma Kazmi.

Professor Kazmi comes to Berkeley from the California Institute of Arts, where she served as permanent faculty and Co-Director of the Art Program. Professor Kazmi will teach a range of courses, and will develop a much-needed departmental focus on Performance and its relationship to other media. Kazmi’s trans-disciplinary work has been exhibited and performed across the country, including at LACE, Los Angeles; Queens Museum, New York; and the Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis. Upcoming projects include an artist’s residency at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center, in Colorado.

Learn more about Asma Kazmi at her website:

Art Practice faculty Greg Niemeyer and his team present “The Tsar Bell” concert.

After years of preparation, Greg Niemeyer and his team of experts are finally presenting the sound of the largest bell ever cast, the Tsar Bell. This bell broke before it ever rang, but with the help of data magic (Finite Element Analysis and other techniques) the team was able to establish what that bell would sound like. Now They’re presenting a concert with the other Campanile bells.
For more information:
The prime event to check out would be the full concert on Friday April 15, 2016, from 7:45 PM to 8:15 PM. 


AP Undergrad Ramon De Santiago is now a Haas Scholar!

Art Practice undergraduate student Ramon De Santiago has been selected as a Haas Scholar for the 2016-2017 academic year. They had the largest number of applicants ever in the history of the program this year, so the department if very proud of  Ramon’s accomplishment.

What makes a Haas Scholar? Well, they are:

*Academically Talented: value learning both for its own sake and to make a difference in the world
*Community-Oriented:  desire to be part of an interdisciplinary academic community by learning from one’s peers 
*Future Leaders:  ready to take on the challenge of conducting an independent research or creative project that will culminate in a senior/honors thesis

What does a Haas Scholar receive? Well:

*One-on-one mentoring from members of the UC-Berkeley faculty
*A seminar in the Fall (1 units, P/NP) and a writing workshop in the Spring to assist with the research and writing process
*An opportunity to present the results of your work at a professional academic conference in January
*Assistance with graduate school and fellowship applications, career counseling, connections with almost 400 Haas Scholars alumni, and other support to help you realize your individual post-graduation plans
*Membership in an alumni community (nearly 400 strong and growing each year!) that provides ongoing professional development and support
*Financial support during their fellowship year which includes a summer living stipend, a semester/academic year living stipend, research expenses, and a completion stipend

This is a huge accomplishment, and so a big shout-out to Ramon!


AP Faculty Stephanie Syjuco’s newest exhibition: Ornament + Crime (Redux)

Ornament + Crime (Redux)
April 14 – May 14, 2016
Opening: Thursday, April 14th, 6-8PM

RYAN LEE is pleased to announce Stephanie Syjuco: Ornament + Crime (Redux), featuring a video from the artist’s “Dazzle Camouflage” series in RLWindow and an accompanying sculptural object in RLProject. This project positions the WWI military tactic of wrapping battleships in a graphic black-and-white pattern in a contemporary framework to consider globalization, migration, historical trauma and colonialism.

On view in RLWindow is a 22-minute HD video from 2013, which takes as its starting point architect Le Corbusier’s 1931 iconic building, Villa Savoye, located outside of Paris. Borrowing the digital model from SketchUp’s open-source network, Syjuco creates a haunting, animated walk-through of the Modernist structure overtaken with disruptive black-and-white graphics of folk patterns culled from France’s prior colonial era: Moroccan, Algerian and Vietnamese textiles. As a historical mash-up of publicly sourced files, this new version of Villa Savoye attempts to transcribe the colonial and cultural history of a Western icon back upon itself as if it were a body to be read and re-read. By infecting the visual cues of its colonies onto itself, a closer view of the society that birthed the building can be made.

To read the complete press release, click here.

To preview the exhibition, click here.

For inquiries, contact Courtney Willis Blair at 212-397-0742 or