Symposium XII: Contemporary Art – Creating the Canon


October 25, 2014, 9:00 amåÊ-4:00 pm

102 Wurster Hall, UC Berkeley

Free and open to all!

The role of art museums is changing significantly. Traditionally, repositories for exemplary pieces of art — defining what constitutes important work through acquisition — museums now commission work. Art museums are bypassing the roles of scholars, critics, galleries, patrons, and, indeed, artists themselves.åÊAn iterative vetting process with many routes to eventual success, open to a highly varied population of artists, is becoming less complex and perhaps less accessible.

Please join us as we discuss how this affects curators, critics, artists, and all the places besides museums where art is shown, performed or installed.

Jan Wurm ‰ÛÓ Artist, Curator and åÊEducator will moderate the panel discussions


Lucinda Barnes ‰ÛÓ Chief Curator and Director of Programs and Collections, Berkeley Art Museum

DeWitt Cheng ‰ÛÓ Art Critic, Curator at Stanford Art Spaces

Teri Cohn ‰ÛÓ Art Critic, Curator, Instructor at UC Berkeley Extension

Farley Gwazda ‰ÛÓ Artist, Director of Worth Ryder Gallery

Jasmine Moorhead ‰ÛÓ Owner and Director, Krowswork

Conrad Myers II ‰ÛÓ Artist and Co-founder of Aggregate Space

Tracey Snelling ‰ÛÓ Artist and Educator

John Zarobell ‰ÛÓ Art Historian and Program Chair, European Studies, University of San Francisco

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