re-reimagined – 2018 UC Berkeley Open Call Student Art Exhibition – Opens 9/12

Manahil Palla, “Corporeal I”, 2018. Photographic print, 11″ x 18″.


The 2018 UC Berkeley Open Call Student Art Exhibition

Featuring: Tatiana Janette Aguilera, Alen Alhamdaputra, Nelli Astvatsatrian, Brian Bartz, Robert Borsdorf, Ree Botts, Bruna Gill, Buggy, Elizabeth Byrne, Maya Chan, Dylan Chow, Cameron Clack, Jade Cohen, Cheyenne Concepcion, Reniel Del Rosario & Johany Huinac De Leon, Fadel Fakhouri, Clarissa Viviana Heredia, Justin Ho, Francesca Hodges, Yujin Hwang, Helen Jiang, Linden JL, Nigel Jones, Gen Kasaneiwa, Heesoo Kwon, Pauline Maccay, Frances Nkara, Kira Oikawa-Clark, Michael Pan Yin-or Ornido, Manahil Palla, Chi Park, Helia Pouyanfar, Ella Rochelle-Lawton, Salacious Wizard Cult, Simran Sarin, Taversia, Yunyi Yang, Zeppra, and Zoë Keeler

Co-curated by Nelli Astvatsatrian, Elizabeth Byrne, and Justin Ho

Exhibition: Wednesday, September 12th – Thursday, October 4th, 2018
Opening Reception and Performances: 4 – 7pm, Wednesday, September 12th, 2018
Worth Ryder Art Gallery, Kroeber Hall, UC Berkeley Campus

Simran Sarin, “”, 2018. Digital collage, 40″ x 40″.


Featuring 39 student artists from across the UC Berkeley campus, this annual exhibition  is conceived of as a way to start critical conversations as much as it is to showcase the talents of our student artists.

Our generation was born and raised in a remix society – all memes, all the time. We make use of rapidly evolving technologies and social media platforms to continually reconfigure and recontextualize existing ideas, information, ideologies, and images. We are the embodiment of a pluralistic society, an amalgamation of multiple meanings and metaphors, fluent in the language of the extreme present, witness to new forms of beauty previously unimaginable.

And yet! We increasingly find ourselves in a volatile, turbulent world where everything is in flux. Utopian claims that a technologically mediated society would be democratic and egalitarian seem naive, even threatening. We are accused of being egocentric and having short attention spans, despite inheriting a social system that rewards uninformed behavior and passive consumption without thought of consequence. We are passionate about fighting the injustice we witness, but frustrated in our efforts to enact meaningful social change. Trapped in an echo chamber, we inhabit a failure to reimagine the near future.

The question is whether our remix society is functioning, and what to do about it. How can artists and creative thinkers meaningfully, productively, and effectively re-reimagine our world? Where can we find hope? Perhaps in an object found at random. Perhaps in a project intentionally left on the back burner until it is forgotten. Perhaps in fine scale readjustments to the intricate economy of information. Or in its destruction and rebirth.

Please join us for an Opening Reception: 4 – 7pm, Wednesday, September 12th, 2018!


Maya Chan, “No Exit”, 2018. Acrylic painting, 30″ x 30″.


Gen Kasaneiwa, “Memory of Myself”, 2018. Mixed media, 32″ x 48″.


Zoe Keeler, “Static Minds”, 2018. Digital print, 11″ x 17″.

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