Prototype: Senior Thesis Exhibition 11/18 – 11/28


I hope that you’re the one / If not, you are the prototype

The Fall 2015 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Rumi Bea, Cristina Cabrera, Adelyn Chan, Jennifer Church, Maxwell Delzer, Nikki Duong, Monica Galvan, Harold Hare, Jennifer Hartman, Ozzie Juarez, Hannah Kim, Shannon Kim, Lizzy Klingen, Mark Lam, Anna Li, Josiah Mackey, Shannon McKee,  Kay T., Jesse Milne, Fariba Nassiri, Christine Lan Thi Nguyen, Sosun Park, Maryann Saito, Brea Weinreb

Wednesday, November 18th – Wednesday, November 25th, 2015
Opening Reception: Wednesday, November 18th, 4 – 7 pm
With special Korean drumming performance by Sosun Park and EGO

Artist Talks: Friday, November 20th, 4 – 5:30 pm

Worth Ryder Art Gallery, 116 Kroeber Hall, UC Berkeley Campus
Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 12 – 5 pm
Free, Accessible, and Open to the Public

Lizzy Klingen, “Sheets”, 2015, Graphite on Paper, 36” x 72”

The UC Berkeley Department of Art Practice is pleased to present Prototype, the Inaugural Senior Thesis Exhibition, featuring the artwork of 24 student artists. This new departmental tradition represents an effort to challenge each student to create a fully developed body of work that reflects their own personal interests, conceptual concerns, and material research, and to present their work to the greater community in the gallery context. This exhibition represents the culmination of their undergraduate studies in the studio arts.

Cristina Cabrera, “I gave myself a new face–one that doesn’t know you”, 2015, image projection documentation, dimensions variable

“Prototype marks both a culmination and an embarkation.

In the Outkast single by the same name, Andre 3000 sings, “I hope that you’re the one / If not, you are the prototype.”

In art, as in love, we struggle to reconcile our enduring visions with current infatuations. For these artists, the search for “the one”—the inherently unattainable final iteration—rarely, if ever, yields the specific kind of perfection they pursued from the outset, but the works created in the process are fully realized projects in their own right.

The work we create challenges us, asks questions of us, reveals something about ourselves. We build intimate relationships with our own works; whether we outgrow them or remain committed to them, their impact will stay with us as our practices evolve. They serve as catalysts for future projects, dialogues, and investigations. They bridge the gap between potential and actualization.

Brea Weinreb, “Iconoclast (i yielded)”, 2015, oil on canvas, 48” x 48”

This exhibition highlights the search for our voice, for something we can call our own, something we don’t want to let go. The perpetual struggle of creating artwork and building a strong relationship with our own work. These are the pieces created from the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations. Prototype reminds that “the one” is still out there, somewhere—but that it can wait, as we momentarily put our search on hold to celebrate the work we’ve made in the chase.”

Please join us for an Opening Reception from 4 – 7 pm on Wednesday, November 18th, 2015.

Rumi Bea, “Memorial Monument for the Victims of the May 18 Gwangju Democratic Movement Massacre (South Korea, 1980)”, 2016, PVC Window Screen Mesh, 8′ x 8′ x 8′ Installation.

EGO: student organization at Cal focused on sharing Korean traditional music and culture. Founded in 2000, we have expanded to over 30 members and offer DeCal courses every semester. We teach, play, and enjoy Korean drumming (aka Pungmul/풍물) to the fullest.

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