"Possible Titles" – Honor's Studio Exhibition: Opening 4 – 7pm, 4/11/2018

The Spring 2018 Honor’s Studio Exhibition


Alvaro Azcárraga
Stephanie Gomez
Aston Grieco
Isabella Manfredi
Stefanie McGinnis
Alexandra Pink
Narges Poursadeqi
Yuan Zhuang

Wednesday, April 11th – Thursday, April 26th, 2018
Opening Reception: 4 – 7pm, Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

Worth Ryder Art Gallery, 116 Kroeber Hall, UC Berkeley Campus
Gallery Hours: Monday through Thursday, 12 – 5 pm
Free, Accessible, and Open to the Public

The Worth Ryder Art Gallery is pleased to present Possible Titles – The Spring 2018 Honors Studio Exhibition.

Each semester a select few art majors who are creating outstanding work are chosen for the Honor’s Studio Program by the Department of Art Practice Faculty. They are awarded access to a shared studio space in Wurster Hall, and at the end of each semester they prepare a project for exhibition in the gallery.

Alvaro Azcarraga, SEMO Seed Bank Processing Workstation, 2017. Zea mays, clay, cardboard, plastic bags, table, eraser, notebook, mechanical pencil, heating bag sealer.


Alvaro Azcarraga was born and raised in Mexico City, and is currently an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley. Through an interdisciplinary approach he creates installations based on concepts from biology, where science and art blend, and situating them with contemporary social issues. He works with many materials, mainly focusing around: ceramics, textiles, and found objects.


Stephanie Gomez, He’s a Door, 2018. Mixed media painting and installation, Dimensions variable.


Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Stephanie Gomez is a Mexican-American artist who experiments with materials to make mixed media work in drawings, paintings, sculptures and video installations. Her work is heavily process based as she intuitively creates objects and images to then analyze. Her analysis on the physical, enables her to determine conceptual information on the psychological processes that went into creating the work. As of lately, her focus has been the idea and symbolization of doors. She composes materials with different colors and textures to research ways of abstracting an idea and pulling it away from reality. Additionally, her family’s Catholicism, historical cultural involvement with the Yaqui Indians from Sonora, Mexico, and ongoing hardships influence her work. Gomez is currently a fourth-year art practice major at the University of California- Berkeley, intending to study and intern at the University of Sydney this summer 2018.

Aston Grieco, She Big, 2018. Ink, charcoal and pastel on raw canvas. 12’ x 15’.


Aston Grieco is a figurative artist living and working in the Bay Area. She likes to paint, draw and print and her figures are primarily herself, her friends and her family. Currently she is exploring the autonomy of the naked female body.

Isabella Manfredi, BEWARE OF DOG, 2018, acrylic on found wood, size variable.


Isabella Manfredi is a Bay Area artist that is currently experimenting with sculptural painting, as installation. Her black and white dogs are stand-ins for humans, allowing viewers to narrate their own experience with the work.

Stefanie McGinnis, Homestead, 2018. Hand embroidered 1872 pioneer dress of cotton muslin, Bench, Selection of various United States land use documentation, personal experiences and family histories, Installation variable dimensions.


Stefanie McGinnis is pursuing a practice that primarily focuses on environmental equity and eco feminism. Her work takes the form of Installation and performance that utilize a combination of found objects/readymades and objects created by the artist to tell a story. She is currently particularly interested in a subset of the environmental movement that glorifies a return to the land and to an imaginary simpler life and time. This “homesteading” movement is firmly positioned from a privileged and white viewpoint and is a perfect example of the problematics that arise from a conservation ethic that is historically born from eugenics and exclusionary land use practices.

Alexandra Pink, Land Lady, 2018.


Alexandra Pink is a Californian. She lets her girls, Bettina and Valentina, out to play.

Narges Poursadeqi


Narges Poursadeqi was born and raised in Tehran, Iran, she started photography and video production at Iranian Youth Cinema Society. Working on several short movies as a director, photographer and animator was a great experience for her. she investigating culture, memory, and narrative and how the three oftentimes intersect. Her most recent series of artworks are directly tied to personal experiences and convey her view about them. Instead of passively witnessing the deficiencies of a culture, she chose to portray the problems and voice her opinion.

RMR, Connections, 2017. Projection on string installation, size variable.


RMR is a bay area artist who works in a wide variety of media, including film, installation, and printmaking. Drawing on her own lived experiences of anxiety and deeply affected by a family history of mental illness, her work explores such themes as grief, stigma, and denial.

Yuan Zhuang, Book From The Sky, 2018. Ink, paper and tourmaline on wood board, 48”x 48”.


Yuan Zhuang was born in China, and lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. She creates paintings, drawings, videos and mixed media artworks, depicting dreamlike scenes in which memory and imagination play key roles. By emphasizing aesthetics, her visual vocabulary focusses on animals and the natural world.


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