CALL FOR STUDENT ARTISTS: Participate in "5-Minute Portraits" at Caltopia 2016!


The UC Berkeley Department of Art Practice is looking for students to participate in the “5 MINUTE PORTRAITS” booth at Caltopia 2016. This is an opportunity to have a laugh while showing off your art skills in public, meet some of your artist peers and thousands of potential fans, and promote your artwork via social media.


Caltopia, which happens *this* Sunday, August 21st and Monday, August 22nd at the Recreational Sports Facility on campus, attracts 30,000 visitors. Cal students, who get free admission, are given tons of free gifts and promotions from various companies, groups, and academic departments. Read more about Caltopia on their website.

At the Department of Art Practice booth, visitors will have student artists create an original portrait in 5 minutes. Then they can pose with their portrait in our photo booth and take their new portrait home.

You can use any media or style: realistic portraiture – anime caricatures – collage – abstract expressionism – absurd pranks – it’s your call! Five minutes isn’t long enough to create a lifelike masterpiece – the point is to express yourself while interacting with your subject. Use scissors to cut up magazine advertisements and make a collage. Take a photo with your phone and trace it on wax paper. Fold the paper, cut their silhouette with scissors, and give them a unique snowflake. Bring photocopies of celebrity couples and have your subject draw on them with lipstick. Have the subject fill out a survey and present that as your portrait. Etc etc etc. The possibilities are endless.

We will provide basic white paper to draw on, some simple drawing supplies, and a wall to hang the portraits. You should provide any other supplies you need (we hope you will bring something unique). Note that wet media such as watercolor may not dry fast enough for your subject to take home, and we can’t allow oil or spray paint because of the mess and fumes (the table will be inside).

Each participant will be asked to do one or two 2 hour shifts. This means you will do up to 24 portraits. Why not sign up with a friend?

You can hand out anything to promote yourself (i.e. your Instagram name, etc.). The organizers of Caltopia, who have a very active social media campaign, are excited about making this project highly visible!

Please use this form to sign up. We will accept everyone who fills it out correctly (so please pay attention to the question about shifts!). We will let you know on Saturday, August 20th when your shift will be.

For questions, please contact Farley Gwazda, Director, Worth Ryder Art Gallery, UC Berkeley Department of Art Practice: