A UC Berkeley Department of Art Practice Wiesenfeld Visiting Artist Lecture


Decision Announced:  August 21st, 2015
Date of Lecture:  To Be Determined, February – April, 2016
Where:  UC Berkeley Campus
Presenter’s Honorarium:  $750
Presentation Budget:  $250
Submission materials:  300 word proposal, 5 images or links, image description, travel plans, CV/website
There is no application fee
Current UC Berkeley Students, Faculty, and Staff CANNOT apply
Send submission materials to:  Farley Gwazda:
PDF version of Call: Speculative Lecture – Open Call for Proposals

The UC Berkeley Department of Art Practice challenges artists to answer the questions “What can an artist lecture BE?” and “What can an artist lecture DO?” with a presentation that rethinks the lecture form, creating a speculative, experimental presentation that embraces complexity and criticality while breaking down calcified understandings. One innovative and practical proposal will be selected for presentation in the spring of 2016. The presenter will be awarded with an honorarium, and will have a modest budget available for the presentation.

Ideas may include: interaction with attendees, performance art, a workshop, a survey, a ritual, a reading, a social experiment, exploration of new media, a meal, an endurance piece, a demonstration, etc. Do not be limited by these examples; experimental ideas are encouraged.

One of the Department of Art Practice’s strengths is that it is situated in a research university with resources including a variety of campus spaces, faculty members from various departments who may be interested in collaborating, etc. Applicants are encouraged but not required to make creative use of these resources.

The Speculative Lecture will address the questions “What can an artist lecture BE?” and “What can an artist lecture DO?” through ideas or methodologies related to contemporary art practice. It should involve some aspect of public presentation where the lecturer is “present”. At least the primary part of this must take place on the UC Berkeley campus. Must be free, accessible, and open to the public. Attendees must not be required to travel. Plans must be made for up to 140 people. The primary audiences are undergraduate art majors and MFA graduate students, but the greater community is invited. The presenter will communicate with the Lecture Series Coordinator to successfully work within the constraints of the institution.

A lecture hall or arts classroom with a projector and speakers will be made available to the presenter. The Coordinator will work with you to make specific plans. The lecture will be well publicized by the department.

A modest additional budget is available for travel expenses and one night of lodging.

As part of the honorarium, each lecturer will be asked to do four 45-minute studio visits with the MFA graduate students.



1. In a proposal of 300 words or less, please describe what you plan to do, and how it addresses the topic. It’s OK if there are some uncertainties in what the results will be, as long as there is a specific method of inquiry. Include a general description of how you would spend your $250 “presentation budget” (a specific budget is not needed, do not include travel/housing costs).

2. You may link to or attach up to 5 images (≤1920 px on longest side, 1MB max) or substitute links to videos, texts, or other online content (in other words, there can be up to 5 items total).

3. Include a one sentence description of each image or other item.

4. Include a one sentence description of where you will be located Feb. – April 2016, and general expected travel plans to Berkeley.

5. Link to or attach a current artist’s CV and website, if available.

Send all materials via email to Farley Gwazda, Wiesenfeld Visiting Artist Lecture Series Coordinator, UC Berkeley Department of Art Practice: (cut and paste text into email or attach pdf).

Submission deadline is 11:59 PM, August 14th, 2015. Late or incomplete submissions will be disqualified.

Proposals will be judged on the originality and specificity of the concept, its relationship to the theme, its relevance to our institution’s art pedagogy, and the perceived ability of the lecturer to complete the proposal with the resources provided.

Please note that current UC Berkeley Students, Faculty, and Staff cannot apply.

Please write the Coordinator with any questions before August 7th, 2015.

We look forward to reviewing your proposals!

Farley Gwazda
Coordinator, Wiesenfeld Visiting Artist Lecture Series
UC Berkeley Department of Art Practice  |



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