"6" – The 2015 First Year MFA Exhibition


The 2015 First Year MFA Exhibition


Isaac Vazquez Avila

Michael Berens

Lark Buckingham

Jose Joaquin Figueroa

Clement Hil Goldberg

Jin Zhu

Wednesday, January 28th – Friday, February 13th, 2015
Opening Reception: 4 – 7 pm, Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Artist’s Talk: 12 – 1pm, Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

Worth Ryder Art Gallery, 116 Kroeber Hall, UC Berkeley Campus
Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 12 – 5pm
Free and Open to the Public

The Worth Ryder Art Gallery and the UC Berkeley Department of Art Practice are excited to present “6”, an exhibition of works by our six first-year graduate students. The MFA program encourages experimentation with new methods, media, and modes of artmaking, and the artists have each built on their existing practices to create an exciting new body of work while immersing themselves in contemporary theory, seeking out new interdisciplinary influences, and responding to intense critical feedback by peers and mentors. The result is an exhibition that is fresh, vital, and immediate.

Isaac Vazquez Avila

Isaac Vazquez Avila’s work in collage and assemblage incorporates common objects and materials with representational images culled from city streets, coffee shops, magazines, recycling bins, lobbies, and other social meeting places. His work is a response to the disparate imagery that intersects with his urban living environment and draws attention to his fragmented immigrant identity.

Born in Mexico City, Isaac now resides in San Francisco. He received a BA in Latino Studies at San Francisco State University.

Michael Berens

Michael Berens is an artist who is interested in demystifying the heroic within his work through the humanizing aspects of self effacing humor, folly, and the absurd. His recent works in sculpture, photography, and video focus on impractical approaches to producing and displaying art. He received his BFA from SUNY Purchase School of Art and Design in 2014.

Lark Buckingham

Lark Buckingham: Mobile health technology is opening up new doors for employer wellness programs.  Personal data tracking makes it easy to monitor employee health and analyze the efficacy of company health initiatives.  Use of heart monitors in wellness programs deliver marked gains in terms of employee health and engagement, lower health insurance costs, and higher returns on investment (ROI).  Babump takes it a step further, offering an elegant desktop interface that allows employers to track cardiovascular data in real time.

Discreetly posed as a business card holder, Babump picks up Bluetooth signals from compatible heart monitors, so that the employer can gauge employee health and mood during meetings and interviews.  Babump’s capacity to both monitor and display data in real time puts it a step above its competitors, Fitbit, Digifit, and other mobile health devices.  New in the 2016 model, Babump will feature a camera capable of calculating heart rate through reading micro-blushes, changes in color on a person’s face as their capillaries dilate and constrict.  By allowing employers to monitor the heart rate of anyone seated at their desk, not just the employees who are already wearing heart rate monitors, Babump will revolutionize transparency of health data in the workplace.

José Joaquín Figueroa

José Joaquín Figueroa was Born in 1986 in Caracas, Venezuela.  His work questions identity shaped after stereotypes and popular iconography. Figueroa attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 2009, and graduated from The Cooper Union in NYC in 2014. His work has been shown in Caracas, Bogota, Washington DC, Sao Paulo, Madrid, Miami, Barcelona and New York.

Clement Hil Goldberg

Clement Hil Goldberg is an interdisciplinary artist working in experimental film, sculpture and animation. Goldberg recently created the stop motion animated web series The Deer Inbetween and produced the 20-filmmaker collaborative experimental feature film Valencia. Valencia won Jury Awards for Best Experimental Feature at the Polari Film Festival and Best Narrative Feature at Chicago Reeling in 2013.  

Jin Zhu

Jin Zhu uses photography, video and text to explore the role of human migration and settlement in American history, and the relationship of settlement to the displacement of existing communities. She graduated from Stanford in 2011, and her work has been shown at SoEx, the SFAC Galleries and the Cantor Arts Center.

Please join us for an Opening Reception on Wednesday, January 28th, 2015, from 4 – 7pm, and a special Artist’s Talk on Wednesday, February 4th, from 12 noon – 1pm. 

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