Art 26 : Introduction, Digital Moving Image

This course provides students with the technological and conceptual groundwork for advanced courses in video art and film making including the use of digital cameras, sound recording, basic lighting techniques, digital editing, compression, and online dissemination. As we work to understand what makes compelling moving images that elicit powerful intellectual and emotional responses, the teaching goals include mastering the basic elements of video making: duration, composition, light, color, relationships between sound and image, as well as creative approaches to editing such as dramatic continuity and montage. The course also explores the range of techniques and languages of creative video making from traditional story genres to more contemporary experimental forms, and is based on online tools for production, dissemination, and commentary. The course consists of a weekly lecture including screenings, discussion, and meetings with visual artists, and a lab section. The lab is a production workshop in which students receive hands-on instruction and produce a series of short exercises and a final project.