Art 197 : Bridging the Arts Seminar

Course may be repeated for credit. Enrollment is restricted; see the Course Number Guide in the Berkeley Bulletin. One and one-half to six hours of fieldwork, one to three hours of internship, one to three hours of discussion, and one to three hours of directed group study per week. Bridging the Arts is open to artists from a variety of disciplines including dance, spoken word, theater, performance, creative writing, social practice, music, and visual arts. Through readings, written reflection, guest speakers, group discussion, and teaching in the field, Bridging the Arts (BtheArts) Student Instructors explore the arts in the public education system. Student Instructors develop and implement arts curricula that is both age appropriate and culturally relevant to their students in underserved Bay Area Schools.

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor. Dancers are encouraged to have taken Theater 166 with Lisa Wymore.


**All Bridging the Arts participants are required to pass a background check with the DOJ and the FBI.**