Art 171 : Digital Video: The Architecture of Time

What does it mean to “begin” video?

There are reportedly 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, added to a flood of footage already in torrent. Add to that all the other video sites online, the duration of every new TV show and the thousands of movies released every year, plus more than a century’s worth of the older stuff, and we are lost in an ocean of moving images. It’s a wonder we haven’t drowned.

Maybe the question should: what does it mean to continue video?

Six hours of instructional studio and three hours of open studio per week. This hands-on studio course is designed to introduce students to the foundation-level skills and concepts used in digital video production. In the course of mastering the basics of optics, sound recording, and editing, students will find creative video responses to formal assignments that explore such questions of scale, duration, narrative, and the use of video as a component in a larger work. In an effort to find alternatives to conventional  models and expand our experience of the medium, the student will experiment with unorthodox image capturing devices like GoPros and digital scanners, and with unusual approaches to screening, such as installations and non-standard monitors.

Prerequisite: Art 23AC