Art Practice instructor Stacy Jo Scott latest exhibition: Rise Out of the Scattered Deep Show Dates: February 3 – 29

Stacy Jo Scott: Rise Out of the Scattered Deep

Show Dates: February 3 – 29

Having thus poured forth my prayer and given an account of my bitter sufferings, I drowsed and fell asleep on the same sand-couch as before. But scarcely had I closed my eyes before a god-like face emerged from the midst of the sea with lineaments that gods themselves would revere. Then gradually I saw the whole body, resplendent image that it was, rise out of the scattered deep and stand beside me.

-Apuleius of Madaurus, The Golden Ass (Metamorphoses), Book 11, Late 2nd Century AD

Rise Out of the Scattered Deep, borrows its’ title from The Golden Ass (Metamorphoses) by Apuleius of Madauras. It is the story of Lucius, who longs to know the secrets of the universe, especially magic. One night he witnesses a witch turning herself into a bird. He tries to imitate her but his attempt falters and turns him into a golden ass. Near the end of the tale he surrenders, wracked with sorrow at his hubris. This is the moment the god-like face appears to him.

The objects in this exhibition emerged from a similar longing, the wish to understand my own experiences, both tangible and intangible. In times of transition I have felt my life unfolding along multiple paths at once. Making objects is one way I can tap into both the seen and unseen aspects of this journey, something akin to the insight accessible through the dream world, trance, or myths. Like Lucius, I have learned something about surrender, and these objects are records of what I’ve seen in the process. (more)