AP Solo Faculty Show with Randy Hussong. Old Boots/New Work Sculpture and Prints

Reception: Thursday October 8, 5-8pm
Location: BAF 2133 University Ave Berkeley CA
next door to Ace Hardware at the top of University Ave
Show running: September 15 – Halloween

From the show announcement: Sax blown, the penguin slipped on the freshly melted ice cap his friend the polar bear had
recently bemoaned, and half-way around the world hence, round the gulf, there whirled a
brass Dixieland bass line, boom—boom-boom. Up in New York, a rocketing pianist,
sophomore at Juilliard, gets tendonitis, wedges beer-pong-ping-pong balls between her
fingers, and sees the bust of a Mephistophilically horned Robert Johnson in her
reflection. Overseas again, having defected, a great white menace blows the whistle, a
Silent Gesture screaming across the sky, over Net Privacy. Herein lies the modern gorilla
war. But still there exists a guerrilla 1%, capitalizing The Sonorous Buddha in Las Vegas
colors. Put on your bright warm boots, step in, step up, tune in, or simply drop in.