MFA Class 2010 Graduate Beck Suss in a Solo Museum Show

We’re very proud of  2010 MFA graduate Becky Suss landing a solo show of her work at the Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Philadelphia.

From the Q&A:

Philadelphia artist Becky Suss reimagines her relatives’ mid-century homes through meditative paintings and ceramics. Her canvases memorialize their collected art and objects, opening familial narrative to questions of class, politics, and religion in Cold War America.

As Suss made the final preparations for her first museum solo exhibition, she spoke with Becky Huff Hunter on her practice. Becky Suss, organized by Associate Curator Kate Kraczon, opens on Wednesday, September 16.

ICA: Your current work is a sort of archaeology of family history and narrative through objects. I love the description of your work as “filtered through the gray zone of memory,” from your Reprefantasion (2013) exhibition at Fleisher/Ollman. How do you approach this gray zone as a painter?

Becky Suss: Several years ago I learned about memory reconsolidation, a relatively new theory that describes the process of what happens when we revisit a memory. It suggests that each time we remember something, the memory is significantly altered, and the changed version takes the place of the original. There are no pristine accounts deep in our brains, only reconsolidated memories containing the traces of all of the other times these memories were recalled.

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