Faculty Stephanie Syjuco in the KQED video “Reframed: Artists Seeking Social Change Bring the Public into the Picture.”

We’re very proud to announce that Art Department faculty Stephanie Syjuco was interviewed as part of the KQED and SFMOMA “On the Go” (the museum’s project wing while the physical museum is shut down). It features interviews with Stephanie Syjuco, along with Oakland artists Chris Treggiari and Chris Johnson about publicly-engaged projects. It’s a fascinating and compelling video.

From the KQED Arts page: Syjuco understands that this type of art can be difficult for people to comprehend at first. “If it’s in a museum or a gallery, people seem to understand, ‘Well, that’s where art belongs.’ But when it goes out into the world and is sometimes indistinguishable from other things that happen, I think that can be really beautiful.”

You can find the video here.